HTC is expected to release a new flagship smartphone as well as its first wearable device later this year, but according to a new report the company may also be working with Google on a new 10-inch Nexus tablet. The latest rumor from the somewhat unreliable DigiTimes and its industry sources, so it's far from confirmed at this point.

Samsung and Google launched the original Nexus 10 in late 2011, but the device never saw a follow-up due to weak sales, DigiTimes claims. Now, HTC may be picking up the Nexus tablet torch. A recent report from Focus Taiwan first claimed Google had tapped HTC for a new Nexus tablet, and last week DigiTimes suggested the Taiwanese company could be working on an 8-inch stock Android slate. In other words, HTC may have been tapped to build two new Nexus devices for Google.

We're still a bit skeptical as to whether HTC will really design the next Nexus tablet, especially considering the company's decision to ignore the market entirely for the past few years. That doesn't mean we wouldn't love to see the HTC One's style applied to a Nexus slate. HTC certainly has the design chops to get it done, but can the company stretch itself so thin? With declining revenue and sinking profits, in addition to wearables and a new flagship on the horizon, how will HTC manage so many products? Maybe that's where Google will come in.