It’s been a long time since Alphabet’s Nest released a noteworthy new product, but that will apparently change later this year. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is preparing to release a more affordable version of its learning thermostat, along with several home security products.

Currently, the Nest Thermostat sells for $249, a fairly hefty sum for something that sits on your wall. Soon, however, Nest will unveil a new version that will reportedly retail for under $200. The cheaper model is said to feature inexpensive components and a less premium design, but still retain all of the learning capabilities that put Nest on the map.

Bloomberg also reports Nest is working on remote sensors for its thermostat that would allow users to control the temperature of individual rooms, not just the whole house. This is similar to products such as ecobee, which offer separate zone controls. Unfortunately, the new sensors and more affordable thermostat aren’t expected to be available until next year. That is, 2018.

Nest is also expected to introduce several new home security products, including a digital doorbell and a new indoor security camera. These may be the products Nest was reportedly “struggling” to release last year.

Additionally, the company is reportedly working on a security system that would include a pack of alarm sensors that can be placed around the home, such as on windows and doors. It sounds a lot like a traditional home security system, where a numerical code is required to turn the alarm off. Nest is allegedly targeting a 2017 release for its home security products.

Nest needs new products

It’s been a long time since we saw Nest introduce an entirely new product. The company did release an outdoor version of its Nest Cam last year, but that’s all the company has had to show for over the past several months.

Introducing a more affordable thermostat will make the company’s technology accessible to a wider audience, while its home security products will give Nest a well-rounded portfolio in addition to its Nest Cam lineup.