Google’s Nest division on Wednesday introduced plenty of new products, including the Nest Cam and refreshes of the Nest and Nest Protect. The latter was updated with several new features that should make consumers feel even safer.

The new Nest Protect is outfitted with a Split-Spectrum sensor that can now detect slow burning fires and quick burning fires, in addition to its standard carbon monoxide detection. It’s also capable of identifying steam so that it doesn’t accidentally alert you of a threat if one doesn’t actually exist. Also, similar to what one might do with a battery test on a traditional smoke alarm, the new model will automatically test its alarm (the horn/speaker) every month. And when it does go off, users can deactivate it right from a mobile device, which is convenient since it’s supposed to be placed on your ceiling. Finally, the new Nest Protect should last for up to 10 years, alleviating any need to constantly replace a unit.

The Nest Protect, which appears to carry the same design as last year’s model (pictured above), will retail for $100 when it launches next month, and customers can preorder it beginning Wednesday.