Football fans are going to love the new customization option coming to the 2014 Moto X later this month. A new leather back, designed to look and feel just like a real football, will go on sale through Moto Maker, just in time for the Thanksgiving NFL games.

One of the biggest selling points of the new Moto X — aside from its impressive specifications and excellent software experience — is the ability to customize the device to suit your style through Moto Maker. Motorola already offers a wide range of backings for the device made out of leather, plastic, and wood, but the company has more up its sleeve.

One of them, according to a leaked image obtained by Phandroid, will be a leather back designed to look and feel just like a traditional football, which will reportedly be available during the third week of November through Moto Maker.


“There’s no word on carrier exclusivity, however our tipster only provided us with information for Verizon’s variant as shown below,” Phandroid’s Derek Ross reports. “There’s also no word on pricing, but if it’s anything like the current leather options, you should expect to fork over an additional $25 your footballified Moto X.”

We don’t know whether this will be a permanent option for the Moto X, or a limited time thing. But we hope Motorola will make that clear when the backing get its official unveiling in the coming weeks.

If you’re a football fan thinking of picking up a Moto X, you might want to hold onto your cash for a little while longer.