Moto X (2014) Design hero

The new Moto X, which we love by the way, was first available either unlocked or through AT&T. Today it's spreading its wings and is now available for purchase from Verizon Wireless.

The contract pricing is the same as on AT&T, you'll pay $99 for the phone with 16GB of storage (or $149 for 32GB of storage) with a new two-year contract. For a limited time you'll be able to grab it in white with a Bamboo back cover for the same price, which saves you $25. Be forewarned, however: the Moto Maker site currently says that the white model of the Moto X is currently delayed by about four weeks, which means you won't get your new Moto X as quickly as you would should you choose the black model.

The new Moto X is a nice upgrade from last year's model in nearly every way. It offers a larger and sharper display, a better camera, a faster processor and more. It also packs some of the coolest software features we've ever seen on a smartphone and runs incredibly well. As a bonus, it's probably more than likely the new Moto X will get Android L sooner than other devices this fall, which gives you some bragging rights over your friends.

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