Motorola released another “Lazy Phone” commercial today promoting the Moto X, highlighting the device’s Touchless Control feature, which lets users activate the smartphone by voice command without ever physically touching it, as well as Motorola Assist, which recognizes when you’re driving and automatically switches to voice command.

The ad shows a man driving alone before realizing he’s low on gas. When he tries to use his “Lazy Phone” to find a nearby gas station, it falls between the seat cushions, causing the man to turn his head and drive into a nearby lake. Of course, the Moto X can still fall into hard-to-reach places, but when it does you’ll be able to control it with your voice.

Previous “Lazy Phone” ads have focused on other Moto X features, including Active Display, Quick Capture and the Moto Maker customization tool. The flagship smartphone costs $199 with a two-year contract, and is available from all the major U.S. carriers.