Finding a New Moto G has proven to be problematic, but it appears Best Buy now has you covered.

When the New Moto G appeared on Motorola’s website it sold out almost immediately. Amazon currently has it listed as shipping in four to seven weeks. In short, the New Moto G is in demand to be sure, and seeing as we named it one of the best cheap smartphones you can buy in our Moto G review, it’s not surprising.

For those of you that are still hunting, you may want to point your browsers over to Best Buy. The retailer is now offering both the black and white models for $179.99 each, the same price as on the Motorola site when the devices are in stock.

Seeing as Motorola says the original Moto G was its most successful phone ever, it isn’t too surprising that the follow-up is in demand as well. If you’ve been looking to pick one up, we would suggest heading over to Best Buy sooner rather than later as they probably won’t last.