The new Moto 360 is finally here! Motorola revealed three new models for its second generation smartwatch, promising almost 300 different combinations of sizes, styles, colors and bands. The new Android Wear device actually brings some solid improvements to the original wearable despite a similar overall design, though that may not be enough to win us over.

You can grab the watch in men’s large (46mm), men’s small (42mm) or a single women’s option (42mm). Using Moto Maker you can also choose between a variety of colors for the case and bezel, along with bezel treatments and bands. The price will range from $299.99 to $429.99 depending on what you pick.

From the outside the redesigned smartwatch doesn’t look very different. That bit of dead screen space at the bottom of the display is still there, though Motorola says it’s necessary to keep the bezel so thin. The crown button has been moved up slightly, apparently so it won’t be pressed accidentally as often. The company also added a new lug design, making it a lot easier to switch out the wrist bands without needing any tools.

We do get some solid hardware improvements. The display is a lot sharper, with a resolution of 360 x 330 pixels for the larger option. It also packs a 400mAh or 300mAh battery depending on which size you pick, along with a Snapdragon 400 processor, 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

On the software side this is pretty much pure Android Wear, which to be fair has gotten a lot better in the past year. Motorola’s offering a few extra apps, including Moto Body for tracking you exercise. The company’s also lintroducing its own complications that push information straight to your homescreen.

Overall I’d say I’m impressed but cautious when it comes to the new Moto 360. It looks great and there are a ton of really cool bands to choose from. Then again, this isn’t exactly a huge improvement over last year’s model. Based on a quick first impression it may not be worth the upgrade if you already own a working Moto 360, though we’ll reserve final judgement until we can spend some quality time with the second-generation smartwatch.

If you just can’t wait the new Moto 360 is available for online pre-order right now from Motorola, Amazon or Best Buy. It’s also headed to Best Buy and Nordstrom stores later this month.