The Moto 360 was the first smartwatch to wed classic design with Google’s Android Wear software, and a new series of ads from Motorola really drives that point home. In four short videos the company manages to spoof high-end watch advertisements while also pointing out what makes the Moto 360 so great.

Each video starts with two words you might hear used to describe a Rolex, like “craftsmanship” and “style.” Then, the Moto 360 buzzes and comes to life with a notification, throwing the entire pitch off with a third word like “burrito.” The quick clash of new and old definitely had us laughing.

There’s also plenty of truth to these new ads. The Moto 360 really looks like classic watch, at least until you start scrolling through notifications. If you’re interested in checking out Android Wear for yourself this is the device to buy, though Google’s software still has plenty of room for improvement.