The iPhone 8 will be a radical departure for Apple in terms of design. It will do away with the home button and incorporate a new display outline that may call for some tweaking at the top. We’re not sure exactly how Apple will adapt iOS to fit the display, but new mock ups show the options that are available and how they might look.

Designer Maksim Petriv designed some mock ups of what iOS 11 can look like on the new iPhone 8. He came up with three versions of how the operating system can take advantage of the new real estate at the top. The first is the most popular expectation of what iOS might look like that wraps around the top bezel. The second and third don’t go all the way to top edges, but instead end prematurely to give the look a more cohesive look. One version has softer edges while the other has sharper edges.

The version that wraps around the bezel looks the most odd. The contrast between the white operating system and the black bezel really stands out. The other prevailing theory that Petriv implements into the other mock ups is that Apple will use its new OLED display to show important information (battery and signal status) in those top two corners. This design looks more appealing and symmetrical.

At the bottom present in each design is a home button. The mock ups show adapting to its environment, linking up to the report from yesterday revealing the home button will have some neat tricks.

We’ll find out what Apple does with iOS 11 when it introduces the iPhone 8 next month.