We only saw flashes of the new Mass Effect at EA E3 presentation, but even with the brief view of progress, I'm already onboard for more space adventures. Mass Effect was a highlight of the previous generation, and I am stoked to see how EA can continue its legacy.

As with most fans of the series, I am wondering exactly how BioWare will be tying this new game after the events of the Mass Effect 3. For those who haven't reached the finishing point yet, its controversial endings don't vary much in presentation, but the consequences couldn't be any different. Reapers destroying everything, biological life being replaced sentient life, or all sentient life, the Geth included, totally wiped from the galaxy. How do we carry on a branching story from that point?

Well, BioWare isn't telling, so you're going to have to wait. BioWare Edmonton and Montreal Boss Aaryn Flynn commented on the issue in an interview with Game Trailers, only saying that the team has some cool ideas on how to progress.

"I can't get into that too much. We've got a really cool idea for how we're going to carry on – keep the trilogy separate but at the same time give a bunch of nods to fans who enjoyed the trilogy in the past. That's all going to come out soon."

He also said that while Shepard and his crew of deep and endearing characters would not be returning, the various races would definitely be coming back, especially the Krogan.

 "Definitely returning races. It wouldn't be a Mass Effect game without the krogans – we showed a krogan today."

Interesting news. I'm on board with a majority of fans that believes Mass Effect will be exploring an entirely new horizon in a brand new galaxy.

Mass Effect Galaxy

The map revealed by EA shows a different galaxy shape than the Milky Way, and this new location would clear up half the lingering issues. Perhaps my memory isn't the best, but I'm pretty sure the consequences of Mass Effect's ending expanded only to the edges of this galaxy.

One of the first choices you'll be making in this new game could be to choose between a biological human or a sentient one.

That's my theory at least, but regardless, Mass Effect is definitely the most intriguing and important in EA's upcoming library. I'm glad we saw it, if only in brief, and I absolutely can't want for more.