Microsoft had a couple of Windows 10 for phones announcements on Friday. First it revealed that Universal Office apps, which provide a touch-friendly version of Office, will be available for Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones by the end of the month. It also released a new version of Maps for those devices.

The latest version of Maps is currently only available for folks in the Windows Insider program who are testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, but it’s free and easy to become a member in that program if you have a supported device (and can deal with plenty of early software.)

Microsoft said it includes tools from both Bing Maps and HERE Maps and integrates them together for the first time. You’ll find aerial imagery, local search data, free voice guided navigation, live traffic data, public transit information and more. The new Maps app also supports pinch to zoom and panning, which is pretty common in most software these days. You’ll also find reviews on points of interest from Yelp, location photos and more.

Hit the source for more information, or check for the latest app from your Windows 10 for phones device now.