Apple’s latest laptop looks absolutely stunning, but that doesn’t mean the new MacBook will be flying off the shelves any time soon. A new report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the super-slim computer could move under half-a-million units in its first few months on the market.

Kuo, who’s built up a pretty solid reputation for predicting Apple news, argues that a number of factors might keep the company’s fans from picking up the MacBook. The device’s shockingly high price (it starts at $1,300) and its single Type-C USB port could scare customers away from the new laptop. As a result, Kuo predicts roughly 450,000 unit sales between the device’s April 10 release and WWDC 2015 in June.

In the long term, however, the new MacBook could be a huge hit for Apple while also reshaping the entire industry. Kuo expects other companies to release thinner and lighter laptops in response, adding that USB Type-C adoption is likely to pick up as well. Google’s already introduced a new Chromebook Pixel with Type-C USB, and we’re guessing the rest of the industry won’t be too far behind.

For now, we’re still on the fence when it comes to the MacBook. There are some clear perks to the new design, but plenty of drawbacks as well. Until we can spend some extended time with this device it’s just too tough to say if its worth picking one up.