We have good news and bad news for folks waiting for the new MacBook Pro from Apple. The good news is that it sounds like it’s going to come packed full of new features. The bad news is that we still don’t know when it’ll launch, and Bloomberg said Wednesday that we won’t see the new MacBook Pro at Apple’s iPhone event in September.

The new MacBook Pro is reportedly thinner than the current generation laptop and will, as earlier reports also indicated, feature an OLED bar above the keyboard (refer to concept above) that can be customized with software. You might have music controls in one instance, for example, and quick launch icons for your favorite apps in another.

There’s also a Touch ID fingerprint scanner “beside the new function key display,” Bloomberg explained. That will allow folks to unlock their laptop similarly to how one accesses an iPhone – and Touch ID would open the laptop to other functions, like Apple Pay in apps and the Web browser.

Apple is reportedly going to offer AMD Polaris discrete graphics, a change from its NVIDIA offering it seems, with Intel the presumed partner for the CPU. Bloomberg said Apple “considered” colors for the laptop, instead of launching it in a simple silver offering, but there’s no confirmation that a selection will be available at launch.

Apple apparently won’t show the new laptop on September 7, when it’s expected to announce the new iPhones. That’s bad news for folks who have been waiting for the new computer. Perhaps in time for the holidays?