Aside from the iPad Pro (2018), next week’s Apple event should include some new Mac models. It’s been quite a bit since the Cupertino-based company upgraded its lineup of computers in a large capacity, but all signs point to desktops and laptops going official soon. Now there’s further evidence of that with the Eurasian Economic Commission getting attention from Apple.

More than a dozen model numbers were submitted, but not all of them belong to new products. A few are for existing Mac models that’ll ship with macOS Mojave pre-installed. The others, however, represent entirely new Mac models that Apple will announce. It would align with what’s expected.

The new Mac models are likely to include an entry-level MacBook, a tweaked iMac, and a revised Mac Mini. While the entry-level MacBook replaces the MacBook Air in Apple’s lineup, the other two products are due for incremental upgrades and not overhauls. Frankly, there’s not much to do to the iMac and the Mac Mini in terms of design anyway.

By the way, these laptops and desktops should ship with Intel’s 8th generation chips. It’s up to each consumer to choose which variety to get.

Meanwhile, Apple’s new iPad Pro ushers in a bold era for the family. From an edge-to-edge screen with facial recognition to a USB-C port, plenty of changes are in store for this high-end tablet. Apple wants to completely transition its portfolio from Lightning to USB-C in 2019.

The Apple event for the new Mac models and the iPad Pro (2018) has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 30TechnoBuffalo will be in New York City with live coverage throughout the day.