Mentioning “people familiar with the matter” AppleInsider is reporting that new MacBook Airs will be released this week with Sandy Bridge processors, high-speed Thunderbolt ports, and potentially 400Mbps of flash memory. All those rumors are things we’ve heard before – but the site is also claiming that Apple will be bringing back backlit keyboards in the updated Air line.

9 to 5 Mac is also adding to the rumor mill today, claiming that in addition to four new MacBook Air models (basic and upgraded 11-inch and 13-inch) we’ll potentially see new MacBook Pro models this week, or at least this month. New Pro models are thought to have a re-designed enclosure that is rack-mountable and will also potentially be upgraded with Thunderbolt connections.

The new laptops are thought to be launching on the same day as Apple’s newest version of its operating system ,OS X Lion on June 14th.

As a MacBook Air owner, a backlit keyboard was one of those features I didn’t think I would even notice wasn’t there- and one of my biggest complaints about the computer. Typing in dimly lit rooms is really not much of an option with the Air due to its lack of a backlit keyboard. I’d love to see Apple add the feature to the updated models.

What do you think about the rumors? Will we see updated Airs and Pros this week?

[via AppleInsider and 9to5Mac]