New MacBook Air 2013 - Press - 001

A thread on the official Apple Support forum is blowing up with users logging complaints that the new MacBook Air's volume fluctuates randomly, particularly while watching videos. It's not the biggest issue, but could definitely be a problem for the company known for its attention to details, especially if it turns out to be an issue with the hardware.

The original comment, which was published in late June, notes that "the volume seems to fluctuate by itself when I play back any videos." A number of users who had purchased the new 2013-model MacBook Air quickly responded, noting that they'd experiencing the same issue. One commenter noted that the volume only fluctuated when it was set in the middle, while another confirmed that the problem was plaguing both Chrome and QuickTime. The news follows reports that the refreshed laptop was having issues maintaining a WiFi connection.

So if you're thinking about buying a new MacBook Air you may want to hold off for a bit while Apple gets these issues sorted out. However, if you can't wait or have already purchased a unit consider downloading Boom via the iTunes store. This $7 app is designed to help increase speaker volume , but it also fixes the new issue, according to a number of commenters.