Apple was featured in an episode of 60 Minutes last night that, among other things, also discussed Jony Ive’s secret design studio. A report from Business Insider suggests Apple made a rare slip-up and accidentally (or was it purposefully?) allowed the filming of a new and yet-unreleased or announced MacBook Air.

The image above seems to show a laptop we haven’t seen before. Maybe it’s the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air with a Retina display, since it looks bigger than a regular MacBook. It almost appears similar in design to something like a Surface Pro – at least in terms of aspect ratios. Still, it probably isn’t a new laptop.

It just doesn’t seem very much like Apple to put an unannounced product out in the open on purpose. The bezels might look thin and the screen a bit more rectangular and wide, but I think it’s because we’re looking at the product from a weird angle. As Business Insider proposes, I do agree it might be a prototype of the current MacBook or some sort of other design dummy.

As a refresher, here’s what the MacBook looks like:

That’s not to say we don’t expect a new MacBook Air – we do – we just don’t think it was leaked on 60 Minutes. See for yourself at 3:10 in the video below.

Update: Apple has since confirmed to TechInsider it is indeed a space gray MacBook, as we suspected.