New Mac Pro 2012 vs. Old Mac Pro

According to video professional Andrew Baird, Apple is planning on introducing "something really different" to its Mac Pro line. Baird apparently managed to spend time speaking with Apple's Douglas Brooks, Mac Pro project manager, and was assured the lack of updates to the seemingly forgotten desktop tower will be worth the wait. Unfortunately, it's unclear when such an upgrade is coming—only a vague "later this year."

After voicing concerns about Apple's apparent lack of concern for the Mac Pro, Baird was contacted by Brooks and had a positive discussion about potential upgrade possibilities. Baird said he'd like to see extra graphics card support and memory expansion, among other features. Brooks simply replied that Baird would be very glad he waited to buy a new Mac Pro tower.

We've heard very little about the fate of Apple's beloved Mac Pro line, but the Cupertino company has continually said something new is inbound. As far back as last summer we heard rumblings Apple would introduce a completely revamped Mac Pro; another report from a MacPro fansite claims the new models would rely heavily on Thunderbolt and have dual-GPU support.