You might not remember Lumines, but a lot of PlayStation puzzle fans likely do. This is a music-puzzle affair that originally released on the PSP in the early 2000s. The PS Vita saw another version in 2012 near its launch.

Now, Lumines has been acquired from its original developer, Q Entertainment, by Mobcast. In the same acquisition, Mobcast also snapped up the worldwide rights to Meteos, another amazing puzzle game, though this one released for the Nintendo DS.

Mobcast is taking the Lumines brand to smartphones, and it's bringing the game's original creator Tetsuya Miziguchi along for the process. The new Lumines is currently aimed for both iOS and Android mobile devices, though pricing and exact structure have not been detailed.

As much as it pains me to say this, and I'm just spitballing here, I wouldn't be surprised if Lumines gets the free-to-play treatment.

Still, a new Lumines sounds like a good Lumines to me, and I'll certainly be checking this effort out. Mobcast did not indicate what it intends to do with Meteos, but I'm hoping we'll see another release from that affair soon. I loved the original, in fact, a lot more than I liked Lumines.