The release date for Logan is nearing and we’re still learning new details about the movie. The latest teaser focuses on X-23’s (aka Laura) origin story. Let’s just say the aggression shown in the official Logan trailer is not unwarranted given how she was raised.

*Note: A few spoilers are discussed in the post ahead.

Much like Wolverine, she was subjected to experiments that greatly damaged her body and sanity. The 46-second found footage clip, titled “”, shows her in a lab where all kinds of surgeries are conducted. Her exposed bloody claws can be seen followed by a scene where she is crying inconsolably. In one instance, she is staring at her claws when she begins to cut herself. The teaser also gives a real good look at the test lab she’s in, which houses multiple children who are kept in all-white asylum-like cells. The whole scene is very creepy.

The purpose of the footage is to build up Laura’s character. Very little is known about her other than she is similar to Wolverine and will be taken under his wing. Those details were revealed in the Logan trailers, where we’ve seen her kick some serious ass, but we don’t know how she got that way. The new footage gives a few more details.

In the comic books, Laura is Wolverine’s clone. She was created using a damaged genome of Wolverine in an attempt to recreate Weapon X, which explains her similar skill-set. She, too, has regenerative powers, super speed and strength, and adamantium claws.

Logan’s viral marketing gives us new details

The new teaser is part of Logan’s viral marketing. This footage is grainy and not meant to be anything cinematic; it’s just meant to provide a snapshot of Laura’s tumultuous past. Wolverine’s tragic origin was explored in X2: X-Men United and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s very similar to Laura’s, which might hint at Logan’s willingness to help her out.

Logan will hit theaters on March 3.