You might soon be able to have full on conversations with LG's upcoming Smart Appliance lineup. Through a magical combination of the Line messaging app and a service dubbed LG HomeChat, users will be able to give "natural language commands" to everything from a refrigerator to a robotic vacuum. Ever hear of the movie Her? The timing couldn't be any better for LG's announcement. LG says it plans on showcasing the system's capabilities at CES next month, which will allow users to "communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG home appliances."

For example, you can tell the system you won't be around for the next week, and the necessary appliances will enter power savings mode. Compatible appliances, like a refrigerator, can be monitored from a mobile device, giving owners more control over "food management." You'll be able to do things such as use the LG Smart Refrigerator app to see what's inside your fridge, or what's not—a feature that'll come in especially in handy when you're at the grocery store and you don't know if you have eggs or not.

Other features include the ability to completely control the HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum—you can ask it when it last vacuumed—just by using HomeChat. Additionally, users will be able to download up-to-date wash cycles for their washing machine, and even remotely start a load of laundry. LG's system also works with the company's Smart Oven. "Users can converse with their smart oven to recommend recipes for specific dishes and find out which ingredients are needed for it," LG said.

Over the holidays this week, my grandma was telling me how her family owned an ice box, and had to get ice from the ice man every few days. Imagine what she'd think about communicating with appliances. I can barely fathom it. TechnoBuffalo will be at CES next month, and hopefully get an up close look at LG's Smart Appliance lineup.