LG went 3D wild at CES in Las Vegas this morning, unveiling the latest additions to its 3D Smart TV lineup. In addition to 55-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch panel sizes, LG will offer a mammoth 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition Cinema TV. This monster of the cinematic persuasion specializes in a resolution that’s four times that of their 42-inch Full-HD panel. LG’s Cinema displays will be NANO LED backlit and feature a slim 1.0mm bezel and 28mm thickness. LG is hedging its bets on Passive 3D technology rather than Active 3D.

“Does that make us passive aggressive? I don’t know, it makes us aggressive about passive,” said one of LG’s speakers. Unit shares of passive 3D technology have grown to encompass 30% of the 3D market.

LG’s Magic Remote has been bolstered with a wheel for scrolling, gestures, pointing and voice recognition. Couple that with LG’s 3D gesture interface that operates via a 3D camera and you can slice and dice watermelons with samurai swords on the big screen. The TV’s user interface has also been simplified and the web browser has been fortified with Flash.

LG’s premium TV lineup will feature the company’s own L9 quard-core ARM CPU chipset that enables enhanced 3D picture quality. Users will also be able to adjust the 3D depth, take advantage of 3D sound zooming and convert 2D content to 3D.

LG also briefly mentioned their new OLED TV, which is supposedly the world’s thinnest and lightest TV, sporting a wafer-thin 4mm display with 3D capability.