Huawei's upcoming flagship P20 has been in the news lately. That's mostly due to its rumored rip-off of the iPhone X notch, but today it's in the news for a very different reason. A new leak of the device shows its back side with not one or two cameras, but three.

This isn't exactly surprising. VentureBeat's Evan Blass revealed the P20 with a triple camera system last month, but nothing was confirmed. That was until the new leak.

The image, courtesy of Telefoon Abonnement, shows off a close up of the three cameras. The first two cameras are connected, like most dual camera layouts, and a third camera flanks the bottom separately.

Interestingly, the poster comes with the tagline: "See mooore with AI." That just so happens to be the same tagline in Huawei's poster teasing an upcoming event at the end of March where it is expected to unveil the P20. The three "o's" are clearly nod to the three camera system and reveals what the purpose of the third camera will be: AI. As for what that may entail, we don't know yet.

If Huawei does include three cameras in the P20, it'll be the first of its kind. Most flagships smartphones now come with dual camera systems. Upping the ante to three is a great way to differentiate from the competition, but it's still unclear how useful the extra camera can be.

We should note that leaked poster also shows off the much-talked about notch adorning the top of the P20. Looks like Huawei is just the latest Android manufacturer taking the "if you can't beat them, join them" approach with Apple's iPhone X by including the striking notch in its phones.

Huawei's event is set for March 27. We'll find out all the details about the P20 then.