Amazon is back with an all-new version of its popular Kindle Paperwhite, and it may be the most intriguing one yet.

On Tuesday Amazon did a stealth launch of the latest iteration of the Kindle Paperwhite. The new model is not only thinner and lighter, but also waterproof. With a newly designed screen that sits flush with the frame, the 2018 model also doubled the storage capacity.

What may prove to be one of the most intriguing features, however, is the addition of Bluetooth support. The new Paperwhite can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers to play audiobooks from Audible allowing you to easily switch back and forth between that and the regular book edition if you own both.

The new Kindle Paperwhite will be available beginning Nov. 7, but preorders are being accepted now. The 8GB model will start at $130, while the 32GB version will go for $160. If you decide to skip the “special offer” editions, you can add $20 on to the price of each.

See at Amazon [$130 at Best Buy](/e?{.cta .shop .cta-auto-inserted .cta-auto-inserted--bestbuy.nofollow}

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