Kindle Fire 10

Last November, Amazon’s first ever tablet — the Kindle Fire — made its debut in the United States and was well received as the best budget Android slate priced under $200. Just five months on and the company is reportedly preparing a second-generation device with a larger, 8.9-inch display that will launch in time for Christmas.

A source for Reuters claims that the larger screen will work towards bridging the gap between Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the tablet market king, the iPad:

Amazon also plans to launch a new tablet closer to the holiday season later this year, the source said. The new Kindle Fire is expected to have a bigger diagonal display of 8.9 inches, bringing it closer in size to Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iPad.

Shortly before the Kindle Fire made its debut last year, many labeled it an “iPad killer,” or the iPad’s first real competitor. But although the device has received some great reviews, users now realize that its specifications are a perfect match for its price tag, and that it doesn’t do enough to compete with the dual-core A5 processor and the cutting edge graphics offered up by Apple’s slate.

However, a larger device could indicate that the Kindle Fire 2 is targeted towards the higher end of the market, with more advanced components and a slightly larger price tag.

Unlike its predecessor, the Kindle Fire 2 is expected to venture outside of the United States and become the first Amazon tabet to arrive in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

Are you looking forward to the Kindle Fire 2?

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