After Amazon purchased former-Killer Instinct developer Double Helix, Microsoft had to immediately begin searching for a new team to carry the torch on its premiere free-to-play Xbox One fighting game. It has found a new one in Iron Galaxy, the indie developer who made the cult-hit Divekick and other ports of Capcom fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom: Origins.

"This is an amazing opportunity to work on a game and a genre we are super passionate about," said Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang in an interview with Polygon. "Before we were ever talking about this, I was a fan of the game. And to get to now take it over and start with this great base, and expand it and put new stuff on top of it, everyone in the company is super pumped up, and we can't wait to show people what we're going to be doing down the road."

Its first action as the new team heading up the project was to reveal the next fighter available for purchase, the robot assassin and "face" of the classic games, Fulgore. Double Helix's last contribution to the game will be available to purchase on April 9.

The character model looks a lot more mechanical than the original inception, but it is clearly Fulgore, radical ponytail and all. Faithful yet new, like any good reboot should be.

Double Helix saw an impressive run over the last year which not only saw them work on Killer Instinct for Microsoft, but they were also tapped by Capcom for the exciting Strider reboot released last month. Iron Galaxy has some huge shoes to fill in what is easily going to be its most high profile project to date.

Anybody excited for another round of Killer Instinct characters from a new company?