Glacius, Cinder, Fulgore, Sabrewulf, Spinal and Chief Thunder. All of your favorite Killer Instinct classic characters are bound to return in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive revival of the classic fighting franchise. That doesn't mean some new faces aren't bound to show up, though.

Developer Double Helix has a new teaser trailer introducing a character original to this new entry in the series. Her name remains a mystery, and her face remains shrouded by a maroon hood, but her fighting technique oozes with style as she drops from the sky via marionette strings and goes all out with bloody claws and her spiked wristbands.

Don't expect her to exclusively use those marionette strings on herself. They look to prove useful when stringing together a long combo as she can quickly jettison them from her finger tips and pull a juggling enemy to within her grasp.

Double Helix will no doubt have more on this latest character as Killer Instinct nears its launch alongside the Xbox One as a downloadable only game. Six characters will be available at launch, with only Jago being free-to-play. Other characters will be released two at a time and will cost money to access. Will this new mystery character be one of the original six, or can we expect to see her later in the game's lifespan?

For my two cents, Killer Instinct is a fan-favorite title aimed at reaching out to its hardcore crowd. Charging for individual characters means classic favorites will be the obvious first choices of many looking for a nostalgic trip, so I wouldn't be surprised to see any new characters soar in popularity unless they are just drop dead fun to use in combat.

Street Fighter IV scored points with fans for adding a handful of wonderful new faces to the Street Fighter 2 line up, so maybe Double Helix has what it takes to add some touches of its own to the roster.

Killer Instinct will be available for download when the Xbox One launches in Nov.