JetBlue recently announced that it’s redesigning its cabins for its Airbus A320 airplanes, with a focus on connectivity and more space for customers.

The company said it’s going to replace the aging in-flight entertainment systems with brand new 10-inch screens that run Android. Customers will still have access to DirecTV in flight, but will be able to watch more than 100 live channels, up from today’s offering of just 36 channels. Additionally, JetBlue will provide free Wi-Fi connectivity to customers, with speeds hitting “12 to 20Mbps to each connected device.”

That should mean you’ll get a much more robust Wi-Fi experience than what most airlines in the United States offer today, where it can seem almost impossible to do anything online as more users log on. And, even better, you won’t need to worry about your device running out of power, since JetBlue will also include power at each seat.

The cabin will also improve. JetBlue said it will offer “the most legroom in coach” with wide and ergonomic seats, moveable headrests and more. The company is also taking a card out of Virgin America’s book, and will outfit the cabins with expansive LED lightning.

JetBlue said it will begin to outfit the new cabins starting next year and that it plans to complete it by 2019. Not exactly a quick endeavor, but it sounds like the wait will be well worth it.