Apple might be gearing up to finally update its iPods. We might not get new hardware, but an image that appears in iTunes 12.2 suggests that at least a color refresh is on the way.

First published by MacRumors, the image shows a hot pink iPod shuffle, a gold iPod nano and a dark blue iPod touch. We don’t see new features like Touch ID on the iPod touch, so it’s possible this is just going to be a small color update. It seems plausible that there are additional colors coming, too, especially since hot pink seems like a somewhat bizarre color to suddenly add to a portfolio of products that are otherwise mostly pastel-colored.

Don’t take this as a confirmation that the colors are certainly coming, the image only exists during a splash screen where a new user sets up or restores an iPod, but it would be a bit weird of Apple to include them in iTunes without a release being planned.

UPDATE: MacRumors has located another image that shows six different colors for each iPod. There is some speculation that the “Tuesday 14” on the calendar app of the iPod touch is pointing to this upcoming July 14 – which happens to be a Tuesday – as the launch day.

ipod 2015 colors leak