Apple Store Inside

Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has compiled a list predicting some big Apple product launches this fall, and it's more or less what we expected. Apple rumors have been all over the Richter scale this year, particularly with the iPhone 5S, so there's no telling how accurate Kuo's intel is. Still, there's one very big product missing from the list—two if you count Apple's fabled iWatch.

While we've heard reports the iPhone 5S may be delayed —or at least in short supply—Kuo is claiming the device will still launch at the end of September. Apple product launches are typically in short supply to begin with—how short units will be at this year's launch remains to be seen. Many components being included in the new device are supposedly causing problems for the production process, though supplies are expected to improve in time for the holiday season.

As for Apple's not-so-secret iPhone Lite (tentative name), the device is expected to launch in early September right alongside a new iPad. This year hasn't turned over too many iPad leaks, but it's looking likely Apple's new tablet will adopt a more iPad mini-like design, and come in much thinner than the current model with Lightning connector. Other than that, both devices are supposedly hitting during the same timeframe—they'll probably share the same stage during an Apple event.

Other products mentioned on Kuo's list include a Haswell equipped iMac and Haswell equipped Retina MacBook Pro. Apple updated its MacBook Air this year by including Intel's new Haswell chip, and it definitely makes sense the company would do the same for its Pro and iMac models. Little else is known about the update—it's likely they'll be quiet—but Kuo predicts the Pro will hit in mid-September, while the iMac will arrive at the tail end of August.

No iPad mini successor is mentioned despite reports claiming we'd see the device in October. Release dates surrounding Apple's next tablet have perhaps been the most conflicting—one week we'll hear it's being delayed until 2014, and the next a report will say it'll be out in a matter of months. Kuo doesn't mention the device at all, leading us to believe it won't be out this year at all.

These are all fairly safe predictions—we've heard enough rumors over these past several months to get a ballpark estimate for each. If Kuo's predictions are correct, though, Apple fans will have a lot of new products to choose from this fall. Earlier reports suggested Apple retail stores were expecting plenty of new products before 2014, and that certainly seems to be the case.