iPhone 5 - Promo Picture

Last night a report surfaced that claimed Apple's next iPhone will have a 4.6-inch display, 1.1-inches larger than the current iPhone 4S's screen. However, sources speaking to iMore have apparently already debunked that report. Reportedly, as of just one month ago, Apple was still moving ahead with its plans to equip the next iPhone with another 3.5-inch Retina Display. That's good news for everyone that balked at the idea of a larger iPhone, but I was pretty excited at the thought of a larger screen.

iMore's Rene Ritchie makes a convincing argument as to why Apple wouldn't want to change the display resolution. He argues that a higher res display would mean that the current batch of applications would not work properly or look as good as they do on the current generation iPhones. Ritchie also said that Apple believes users should be able to operate their phones with just one hand, instead of two, and that a larger screen could interrupt that practice.

Last night's report also suggested that the new iPhone could begin shipping during the second quarter of this year, so thankfully we might not have that long to wait until we know for sure.

[via iMore]