iPhone 5 - Promo Picture

We've heard several reports that Apple's new iPhone will offer a bigger screen and adopt Liquidmetal technology in one form or another. The most recent reports suggested that Apple's next iPhone will have a metal backside, although a new report from iMore on Friday said that may never come to fruition. In fact, iMore's sources say Apple has yet to finalize the design of its next iPhone. The site claims that there's still no definite plan for a metal back, no signs pointing towards a giant screen and nothing that suggests Apple will include a 16:9 aspect ratio in the final product.

A few bits are known, however. iMore, which has a solid Apple reporting record, claims that Apple will indeed implement a new charging port, will include 4G LTE support, and will hang on to the same homescreen button iOS users love. The site also claims that Apple will launch the new iPhone in October alongside the 7-inch iPad Mini.

[via iMore]