Apple dropped a new ad for the iPhone 6s this week with the focus on explaining one of the device’s new features. 3D Touch takes the spotlight in this 30-second spot from the Cupertino company.

The video, which shows various people using 3D Touch while a narrator explains how it works, begins by admitting that the new iPhones don’t look very different from last year’s model. “Not much has changed,” says an offscreen voice, “Except it feels different.” A second later we’re exploring all the different things the new iPhone can do thanks to its new display.

That includes scanning links in an email without actually leaving the Mail app, launching Live Photos, peeking into an iMessage conversation or quickly glancing at Apple Maps. We even see Jamie Foxx use 3D touch to quickly play his own music on an Rose Gold iPhone 6s.

Apple slips a few other jokes into the ad, but the focus here is on explaining all the advantages of 3D Touch. The new feature definitely has the potential to be a game changer, but for now it’s still only available on a limited number of apps. It will likely be a few more months (or longer) before most third-party apps can take advantage of the technology.