iPhone 5 Invite - 2

We're all excited about Apple's upcoming iPhone event on October 4, but we may already have an idea of what's in store, thanks to Apple's internal inventory system. A source for 9to5 Mac has revealed that two of the upcoming devices have already entered into Apple's database — one of which is a new iPhone 4, and the other a new iPod touch.

Three new iPod touch models have appeared in total, all of which have the 'N81A' codename. 'N81' is the codename for the fourth-generation iPod touch — the one on sale today — and so these new devices are believed to be the white models that we've been speculating about for some time. If that's the case, however, it would suggest that there will be no update to the iPod touch internally, and that the current 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacities will remain.

As for the iPhone 4, that's been given an additional 'A', too. But we already have a white iPhone 4, so what could it mean? According to 9to5 Mac, only minor changes:

Even more interesting are the two new iPhone SKUs that have showed up in the system. The catch is that these two SKUs are actually marked as tweaked iPhone 4s. The new device's codename is N90A and this represents very minor changes from the iPhone 4 – which is the N90. In fact, this may be an iPhone 4 – an 8GB version as previously rumored.

It's highly unlikely that Apple's all-new iPhone will be labelled 'N90A', because that model number would suggest there are no changes to its internals — which makes no sense whatsoever. One thing we can be sure of is that Apple will at least improve the iPhone's internals, even if it doesn't get a new look externally.

It's looking increasingly likely that Tuesday's event won't be focused solely on Apple's next-generation iPhone, and that its current-generation iPhone and iPod touch will also get a special mention.

Would you like to see a white iPod touch? I know I would. How about an 8GB "budget" iPhone 4?

[via 9to5]