Microsoft Surface 2.0 vs. Apple New iPad 3Microsoft's mysterious last minute event on Monday introduced two iterations of its new Surface tablet: one that runs Windows RT and one that powers a full version of the company's upcoming desktop OS, Windows 8 Pro. There's a lot to be excited about, too; the hardware is gorgeous, smart covers with built-in keyboards are a tremendous idea, and above all, the hype is enormous, which is great to build excitement for Windows 8. Unfortunately, we won't know just how good Microsoft's tablet babies are until they launch later this year, maybe in the fall.

Before then, a lot of onlookers will naturally be wondering how Microsoft's project stacks up against the market-leading iPad, which still continues to fly off store shelves. Here, we put the Surface for Windows 8 Pro against Apple's biggest pride and joy, the new iPad. Admittedly, the Windows 8 Pro version is aimed more at the ultrabook crowd, but we thought it would make a good battle anyway.

You'll notice that there are a lot of categories left blank for the Surface. That's because Microsoft shared next to nothing about what's powering its new machines. Hopefully before the fall season rolls around we'll know a lot more about what to expect from the devices when they finally hit. For now, see how the Pro version stacks up.

New iPad vs. Microsoft Surface (Windows 8 Pro) Comparison Table

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