New iPad - With Logo

We'll be bringing you our own in-depth review and video of the brand new iPad shortly, but if you're wondering what other industry pundits think about the device, here are just a few opinions. Most notably, and not surprisingly, everyone points out the beauty of the new iPad's Retina Display.

"Nearly everyone who lands the brand new iPad on Day 1 — or more likely sometime afterward, since preorders are sold out — will be delighted" – Ed Baig, USA Today, said, noting that it might be hard to justify upgrading from the iPad 2, however.

"The new iPad doesn't introduce anything that we haven't seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets," David Pogue from the New York Times said. "There's no Steve Jobs "one more thing" moment here; Apple just took its white-hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technologies." Pogue also said iPad 2 owners shouldn't feel "quite as obsolete as usual."

"Let's be clear: the new iPad is in a class by itself, just as its predecessor was," Joshua Topolsky from The Verge said. "As the latest product in a lineage of devices that defined this category, the iPad continues to stand head and shoulders above the competition." Topolsky said that anyone looking to upgrade should definitely consider the new iPad but that it's also not a "slam dunk" for iPad 2 owners.

"Since it launched in 2010, the iPad has been the best tablet on the planet," Walt Mossberg from The Wall Street Journal said. "With the new, third-generation model, it still holds that crown."