New iPad - Black (Screen)

Apple included support for faster 4G LTE networks in its all new iPad, which was announced last week. Phone makers now expect that Apple will include support for the faster data network support in its next iPhone too. That means they may be scrambling to add 4G LTE in as many models as possible before the iPhone 5 hits the market. DigiTimes said"Taiwan-based smartphone makers" originally projected sales of 4G LTE smartphones to top-out at 25-30 million units in 2012. Now, however, that figure has been bumped to 40-50 million units. However, chip makers still need to solve a major problem: smartphones that work on 4G LTE networks in the United States currently do not support the variety of other 4G LTE networks around the globe. For example, LTE is deployed in the 700MHz and 2,100MHz frequency spectrum in the United States but in the 800MHz and 2,600MHz spectrum in Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East, DigiTimes explained.

[via DigiTimes]