Up until now, we haven’t really seen Ben Affleck’s Batsuit in painstaking detail. Sure, we saw it in a teaser trailer, and it also showed up in another recent video. But, for the most part, the details of the suit have been obscured by darkness—something the Dark Knight repeatedly uses to his advantage when fighting justice.

However, two fresh images—or reported images—of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit have hit the Web, showing off what we’ll see onscreen when the film hits next year. As we’ve seen before, the suit has a kind of mesh appearance, showing off the freakish physique of its occupant. It looks way different compared to the suit donned by Christian Bale’s Batman—this one is worn out, used.

To me, the second one almost looks like it’s of an action figure. A very tired, very old Batman action figure mugshot. The mouth cutout is different front Bale’s Batsuit, while the logo is much different as well.

This suit in the images differs from another armored suit we saw in the Batman v. Superman teaser, which the caped crusader seemingly wears when he really wants to brawl. Whether these photos are authentic or not, they look pretty convincing, and closely match with what we’ve seen of the Batsuit over the past few months. You can see for yourself in the teaser trailer below.