iMac - 2013 - Storage - Hero

There was a quick report before Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference last week suggesting the company was going to release a new and more affordable iMac computer during the show. Of course that didn’t happen, but the rumor won’t die. MacGeneration said recently that Apple plans to upgrade its iMacs next week.

The new computers won’t launch with OS X Yosemite, that operating system is still very much a beta and is set to launch sometime this fall. However, the news outlet suggests that Apple will break from its ordinary tradition of announcing the refresh earlier in the week on Tuesday, and will instead release the devices during the second half of the week. The computers are said to ship with newer and slightly faster Haswell processors and there’s speculation they may pack Thunderbolt 2 ports as well.

Apple will probably quietly release these, though we do hope that predictions of a cheaper iMac come to fruition. Apple dropped the price of its entry-level MacBook Air to $899 recently, so it certainly seems possible the same kind of move will be reflected in the iMac family.