Do you regularly sign into your Google account on different devices? Google has a new tool that lets users check to see which devices—old and new—still have access to your account. For example, if an old phone shows up on the list—maybe something you lost or sold—you can revoke access right from Google's new security dashboard. Because of my job, I had to deactivate quite a few review units, including the Nexus 6, Moto X, DROID Turbo and OnePlus One.

The new security dashboard is a little buried within Google's security settings, but you can easily see your list here. It provides a full rundown of devices and activity, including which device you're currently using and how long ago something synced; it even shows you information right down to location. I'm on my Mac, which the security page correctly says is my current device, while it also tells me that the Nexus 9 last synced 10 minutes ago.

To remove access from a phone, tablet, or computer, simply click on the device and you'll see more information. A giant red "remove access" button will show up; click that and you'll be asked if you're sure if you want to remove access for good. If you don't actually have access to the device tied to your Google account, this is a handy feature designed to keep your information safe.