Nest’s Tony Fadell is hard at work reinventing Google Glass, and it turns out the new device may look nothing like its predecessor. A new report claims the company is working on a version of the wearable without any screen at all.

According to The Information, Google has three different designs currently in the works. One business-focused model still includes a display of some sort. However, two other versions aimed at the “sport” market may rely entirely on audio. Specifically, the device could use bone induction just like the original Google Glass.

Google has been developing the wearable under a new Project Aura division that includes several engineers poached from Amazon’s secretive Lab126. The group is focused on relaunching Google Glass, though it’s expected to go beyond that with other totally new products as well.

The new version of Glass is allegedly slated to launch next year, though that could change if Fadell and his team run into any issues. Hopefully we’ll get a look at the glassless headset before too long.