The veteran team behind the fan favorite point-and-click adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky has gotten back together. Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons and the creator of the classic Broken Sword adventures Charles Cecil have confirmed they will reunite in the near future to make a brand new adventure game.

Gibbons told Eurogamer in an interview that he will be "involved with the game from the ground up," once he wraps up doing the artwork for Marvel's The Secret Service comic series.

"I have had story input and the whole thing will have my imprint on it. Even if I don't hands-on do every bit of artwork, I certainly will direct the look of the whole thing."

Beneath a Steel Sky was developed by Revolution Software way back in 1994 during the peak of the genre's popularity. Today, genre buffs regard it as one of the most beloved and cherished classics because of its brilliant dialogue, Dave Gibbons' artwork, and reasonable puzzle logic.

Adventure game fans will no doubt welcome the upcoming game with open arms. Fans of Revolution Software are tired of Charles Cecil's frequently remastering his Broken Sword games and are craving something original. Digital distribution's rapid expansion and the growing niche market for small budget games have fueled the recent resurgence in classic point-and-click adventures over the last few years. It's great to see a few familiar faces return to form.

Beneath a Steel Sky is available for free at As one of the greatest games of its time, its a reasonable deal. A remastered edition is available through iOS.

[via Eurogamer]

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