When all is said and done, 2011 will likely go down as the year of the Patent Wars. There have been too many legal spats to count, with more sure to come in 2012. Android is similar to iOS, iOS is similar to Android. That phone looks like this phone, etc, etc. And then things culminated nicely when Samsung brought the mobile wars into the mainstream with its recent Galaxy S II ads.

Now this. What you're seeing here is Apple's new Korean ad showing off a father and daughter playing with their new Galaxy Tab 8.9. Wait, that's not right. This is actually a new ad from Samsung, presented very similarly in style to Apple's iPad series of commercials – We'll Always, Learn and Love.

Rather than presenting the ad in a perplexing "what is this commercial about?" kind of way some companies seemed to favor this year, Samsung shows its tablet front and center. No specs, robots or fancy CGI; just the device being used in an everyday setting. Exactly the same way Apple markets the iPad.

Sure, companies are allowed to market their products in any style they choose. If Samsung wants to poke fun at Apple fans, that's fine. If they want to make a commercial in similar fashion to the iPad ads, that's fine, too.

Was Steve Jobs right in coining 2011 as the year of the copycats?

What do you guys think?