Square Enix and Director Hajime Tabata delivered more Final Fantasy XV news in their most recent Active Time Report presentation last night. Information specifically regarding the game’s content came up somewhat sparse. However, Tabata says that the reception in Japan at least is better than he and Square Enix had been hoping for.

  • Tabata claims that pre-orders in Japan are ahead of where Square Enix wants them right now.
  • Players won’t have to watch either the Final Fantasy XV anime or Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV to fully enjoy the game itself.
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV hits movie theaters on July 9. Sign me up!
  • Final Fantasy XV’s mini-game companion app Justice Monsters V launches on Android next week. Windows and iOS will get it later in the summer. 90,000 people have already registered to play it.

  • Hajime Tabata has never been able to beat Final Fantasy II. Don’t worry, bro. I feel your pain.
  • 10,000 more copies of the Final Fantasy XV: Collector’s Edition will be produced and shipped over the world for those who didn’t score a copy in the first wave.
  • Final Fantasy XV will have a New Game+ Mode.
  • Tabata’s daughter thinks his English is terrible.
  • The next Active Time Report presentation will take place during E3 2016.

Final Fantasy XV launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30. It’s been a long time since I’ve pre-ordered a game, but I just have to do it here, right?