There have been plenty of claims predicting iOS support is coming to Android Wear, and maybe as soon as I/O in May. However, there’s been little concrete evidence to support this, though some crafty developers have figured out how to make it work. Now code has been spotted inside the Android Wear OS, seemingly confirming what everyone has been hoping.

Android developer MohammadAG pointed to the code in question on Twitter, concluding that Google is “working on it.” Whether the company is or not remains to be seen, but it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

With the Apple Watch’s arrival on the horizon, Google will have some major competition in the smartwatch space. Enough competition, it seems, to have made Google re-think its wearable strategy. Android Wear has had a year head-start, though only 720,000 devices running the wearable OS were shipped in all of 2014. That’s not bad, though it doesn’t identify how many of those 720,000 were actually sold.

A company like Pebble has found success in the wearable space, something that’s partly due to support for multiple platforms (battery life is also the best there is). There’s really no reason for Google not to introduce support for the iPhone; the search giant already has all of its services available for iOS, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Google further infiltrate Apple’s platform.

If indeed Google is working on something, I/O would be the likely event for a surprise announcement.