Even more emoji are on the way for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch owners.

Apple will include the approved characters in Unicode 11.0 with software updates for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. The software updates that include new features as well are arriving in the fall. You should expect to see more hair options, a tweaked emoji for bald people, and a bunch of smiley faces that can liven up any conversations.

The fresh batch of emoji also covers animals and foods. Apple says it’ll add a kangaroo, peacock, lettuce, cupcake, and more. There are even new emoji for a superhero, softball, and infinity symbol. Once everything is added, Apple will continue having a massive library of emoji on its devices.

You won’t see these emoji for a few more months, but it’s a fun way for Apple to celebrate World Emoji Day. The holiday, which takes place on July 17, observes the use of emoji to express ourselves in addition to words, pictures, and videos.

In all, Apple will unleash more than 70 new emoji on its devices this fall. Then you’ll have dozens of creative, fun ways to communicate with friends and family.