When you truly love something, you want to find new ways to experience it. A movie from your favorite book. Statues from your favorite comic. What about food from your favorite game?

Writer Holly Green has the answer in her new book Fry Scores: An Unofficial Guide to Video Game Grub.

I first heard about the release via Green's Twitter, but learned a bit more about it when she talked to Game Informer.

"Choosing the recipes was one of the more difficult parts of the process, as I wanted to present a practical list of dishes that could be eaten any day of the week," she said. The idea wasn't simply just collecting a list of foods we've seen in video games, but rather to curate recipes using staple foods and basic cooking techniques. This is meant to be as useful as it is amusing.

Included in the book are things like Skyrim's Apple Cabbage Stew, Yeto's Soup from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, French Toast from The Sims 3, as well as dishes from Cooking Mama, Kirby, Fallout New Vegas, and more.

Green is also responsible for the photographs that accompany each recipe. Green told Game Informer that she started out by looking at the way professional food photographers captured their subjects and shot and reshot her creations as she got better.

Fry Scores is available via iTunes right now with additional formats forthcoming. I can't wait to make the Castlevania roast beef, and I'm hoping for wall turkey if Green writes a sequel.

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