We already suspect Verizon is going to announce a pair of DROID phones later this month, and now the carrier has started to tease what we’ll see.

Remember how the new DROID Turbo 2 is supposed to sport a “shatterproof” screen? Well, Verizon’s Tweet, which teases the device, sure implies that the phone’s display will indeed be indestructible.

“Introducing the perfect phone for imperfect people,” the Tweet reads, with an accompanying video of a device falling toward the ground.

There’s nothing worse than clumsily dropping a phone, only to pick it up and find that the screen has been completely demolished. The Turbo 2 has been designed to put those fears at ease, though I wouldn’t recommend dropping the device for fun. Even shatterproof phones have their limits.

Not only do we get confirmation that the device will sport a durable build, but we also get a pretty good look at the phone’s design. It certainly looks like a Motorola phone, with the familiar dimple on the back, rounded design, and unique rear shell.

The DROID Turbo 2, along with the DROID Maxx 2, is expected to feature some killer specs, and support Moto Maker, so it’s quite the attractive phone. We will learn much more at Verizon’s event on Oct. 27.