The new Doom teased at E3 is not Doom 4 but rather an entire series reboot.

Attendees at QuakeCon this week got an exclusive sneak peak at the upcoming first-person shooter that is heading for PC and next-gen consoles. Executive Producer Marty Stratton commented on the title, saying that the is not Doom 4 because "it's an origin game, reimagining everything about the originals."

Oh golly gee, an origin story. Haven't seen one of those in recent memory.

Attendees said that the demo was entirely combat based, and it properly reflected the feel of the first game with fast, brutal combat and "new combat mechanics and features to evolve the FPS experience." id Software showed off a few traditional weapons like the shotgun, the chainsaw, and the plasma rifle. A new stomp melee attack has garnered a lot of interest for dealing extra damage to stunned enemies as well.

Even more astounding is how id Software is not succumbing to the trend of regenerating health, and players will be forced to pick up health drops from enemies. Talk about old school. A few other additions include bloody executions and the ever important double jump. What's a video game without a double jump feature these days?

Publisher Bethesda has said that the new game's footage will make its way into the public very soon. It is being built on the idTech 6 engine, an evolution of idTech 5 used to make last generation's Rage.